I don’t know what you’re going through now. Maybe you’re disheartened from work, a new diagnosis, or a challenge in your relationship. We all encounter problems every once in awhile. Although we may try to hide behind it, life inevitably sends us tumultuous waves to throw us off-balance. From afar, they may appear to be dangerous, overwhelming and intimidating. But up close, they may be consistent, yet manageable. The key is to learn to ride them with as much flexibility and openness as possible.

When difficulty hits, we automatically tense up. Fearing rejection, disappointment and pain, we resist what is to protect ourselves. However, fear and panic causes more suffering than whatever it is we’re going through. In almost any situation, letting go and being vulnerable can actually ease us into life and make what seems intolerable, tolerable.

Recently, someone told me a story of how she encountered a huge wave in the ocean. She could tell it was going to be a big one that could potentially throw her into the reef. Instead of tensing up in anticipation of the crash, she went with it and laughed the whole way. She said she survived the episode unscathed because her body was flexible and open, not rigid and tense. Hope our top posts this week will help you develop your own sense of openness to meet any challenge you’re currently facing.

{Flickr photo by Scott Robinson}

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