The unknown can make the most stable of us insecure. Grasping tightly to what we know feels like safety. It’s the fear we feel as kids going from a tricycle to a bicycle. Suddenly, we realize that there won’t always be an extra wheel to hold us up.

When it comes to life, no matter how surrounded by loved ones we are, on this journey we are essentially alone. Our parents are like those safety wheels, but as they age, we realize there is a thin veil between us and death.

Who do we go to when we need help? And how do we cope with the unknown?

At a certain point,  you might realize, nothing is truly safe. To really engage and participate in life, risks must be taken. Hiding from life is not only impossible, but it robs us of the gift of possibility. I love this quote from Real Simple magazine:

“When nothing is sure, everything is possible.” – Margaret Drabble

The unknown is fraught with fear and anxiety. If you’re on that road now whether you’re afraid to show your whole self with a partner, coping with bipolar disorder, raising a teen, trying to control cravings or feeling out of control, our top posts this week will help you engage fully in life not escape it. The only way through the unknown, as we all know intuitively, is to walk through it. And in doing so, we might find a doorway to possibility and hope.

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Eight Essential Steps To Freedom From Bipolar Disorder
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Mindful Eating Craving Control
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The Serenity Prayer
(Lessons from the Couch) – Sometimes reflection can mean the difference between anxiety and acceptance. Reflect on this full prayer and find pearls of wisdom to help you cope with whatever you’re going through.