I caught an episode of Super Soul Sunday the other night and was impressed by what I saw. Oprah interviewed a panel of spiritual leaders including Reverend Ed Bacon, and authors Elizabeth Lesser and Mark Nepo on a variety of topics. But their discussion on prescription medication really hit home.

Oprah asked about their thoughts on the rise of medication use in our country. It wasn’t their debate on whether prescriptions were used or abused that was revolutionary, but their differentiation between the two. Nepo and Bacon both confessed to personally seeing the benefits of prescription medication and had compassion for those who need it. Lesser explained her own beliefs that some abuse medication as a way to defer or avoid difficult feelings. What’s great was how they defined the necessity in prescription use, which I think could be applied to anything you’re currently doing in your life.

Does what you’re doing help you enter or escape life? In other words, is prescription medication/exercise/shopping/food, etc. allowing you to be fully engaged in life or are you using it to prevent difficult feelings and consequently avoid your life? It’s an important question to ask yourself this week. These top posts will help to facilitate the discussion and may bring you closer to being more aware of what you’re doing (using marijuana/self-injury/being judgmental) or not doing (changing unhealthy habits) to yourself.

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DSM-5 adds marijuana withdrawal: I thought pot was non-addictive
(Depression On My Mind) – Can you really experience withdrawal symptoms from non-addictive marijuana? According to the DSM-5 and this post, marijuana withdrawal is very real. You’ll find a list of symptoms here.

Overcoming Judgmental Attitudes: 4 Truths About Judging
(Caregivers, Family & Friends) – Feel judged? It’s not you, it’s them. Read why judging others says more about that judgmental person than it does about the person being judged.

Breaking Bad Habits: Interview with Dan Goleman and Tara Bennett-Goleman
(Mindfulness & Psychotherapy) – Need help changing an unhealthy habit? Two authors give insightful advice on how to finally break that bad habit and offer tips on being more positive.

Caregiving & Coping with Disturbing Behavior: Non-Suicidal Self-Injury
(Partners in Wellness) – It’s not easy dealing with a loved one’s mental illness especially when self-injury is involved. How do you cope with understandable reactions of helplessness, despair and fear? This blogger bravely shares her personal story on the topic here.

The DSM-5 Battles
(Therapy Soup) – Controversy surrounds the latest DSM-5. Two psychiatrists go head to head with the American Psychiatric Association (APA) on whether the new manual will lead to an increase in over-diagnosis.