In a moment, you could be anxious, angry, suffering or in pain. And you could be experiencing all or one of the above, while nothing extraordinary is happening. A negative inner thought could easily set it off as much as a critical comment could.

I am actually surprised by how all encompassing my thoughts can be. Sometimes a phone call or a car passing by are the only things that alert me to the constant stream of inner chatter passing through my mind.

Awareness is the tool that drags me out of my own self-inflicted misery. Being mindful of each moment and focusing on a bird’s song or the wind dancing through my hair reminds me that no matter what drama is playing in my head, in reality, all is well now. And if it was not, if things were truly that bad, I wouldn’t have the energy or the capacity to worry, to ruminate or to fear. I would be in react and response mode, not in reflection.

If you’re also reading this in fear or anxiety, take heart. There is a way to soothe your worries and to confront your negative thoughts. It’s all about preparation and confronting your fears in a practical and purposeful way. This week, you’ll learn how to reduce test anxiety with strategies to ward off your worries, react better to your children, become more aware of your actions, finally understand what forgiveness is and discover a loving way to help others understand your struggles/pain/illness. These posts might be just the remedy you need to stop ruminating so you can be present and enjoy the moment you’re in.

{Flickr photo by Rachel Titiriga}

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