Raise your hand or nod at the screen if you’ve ever been distracted from the present moment. Something tells me I’m not in the minority. Instead of taking in what’s going on in this moment, for example, my mind is somewhere else. I’m Catastrophizing about an event that hasn’t happened yet or worrying about what I said yesterday.

If you’ve ever spent time thinking, “I wonder if…” or “Why didn’t I?” you’re guilty of the same thing. The key isn’t solving those unanswered questions. The key is catching yourself mid-moment and realizing if you have the space to let your mind wander, you’re probably in a good place. Enjoy where you are right now.

How do you do this when worries, anxiety and illness threaten your peace of mind?

You practice patience, self-compassion and during moments when you’re not able to cope, you ask for help. Sometimes it takes sharing your story with a compassionate friend. Other times it takes giving yourself a break. Maybe knowing that you’re not alone helps. These posts will give you a little bit of everything. Read it and let it return you to the potential peace of this moment.

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Learning How To Cope With Depression
(Caregivers, Family & Friends) – Are you or someone you love at risk for depression? Find out who is most likely to experience depression, how to differentiate depression from a medical condition, and get important tips to help you cope.

The New Mental Health Bible – DSM-V: Friend or Foe?
(Mindfulness & Psychotherapy) – Are labels a good thing? This blogger discusses some of the issues that come with the new DSM and a psychiatric diagnosis.

Mindful Parenting: Will I Ever Get It Right?
(Mindful Parenting) – For anyone who has ever felt like a failure or inadequate as a parent, read this. It’ll ease your mind to know that a) you’re not alone b) you’re not supposed to get it right.

Compassion Fatigue and The Professional
(Angst in Anxiety) – Taking care of others personally and/or professionally can weigh on you. If you’re experiencing anxiety, insomnia, and self-doubt, you may be showing signs of secondary traumatic stress or compassion fatigue.

Actor Matthew Perry Awarded for Drug Court Advocacy
(Celebrity Psychings) – Actor Matthew Perry’s latest award has nothing to do with his acting skills. Instead, he’s being acknowledged for using his personal struggle with addiction to help others. Read his inspiring story here.