Living with Regret

You’re probably able to let go of a bad day in the morning and an argument with a friend in a few day’s time. But the decisions you made that just didn’t work out, those could potentially negatively direct your life.

Because we seldom have control over what happens in our life, the desire to make the “right” decisions feel like a heavy weight on our shoulders. We can’t get away from them. And we can harbor guilt from as insignificant a problem as choosing the wrong paint color to partnering with an ill-fitted mate.

The hardest yet best way to deal with the decisions we wish we could undo is to learn to forgive ourselves. We do this by realizing that we don’t have a crystal ball to know what is the right thing to do in any moment. We do our best. Part of our growth and healing involves learning to move on by accepting what is and finding the lessons in the mistakes we’ve made. It’s also about changing our focus from what’s not working to what is working.

To make peace with whatever you’re regretting, scroll down to read our top posts this week. You’ll discover tips for savoring your life regardless of what you’re going through (chronic pain, difficult relationships, stressed and coping with mental illness) and learn new ways of understanding yourself. It might just change your perspective on things. And what you once deemed a bad decision, may turn into the best decision you ever made.

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