You might be surprise to know what colors your world isn’t just the things that happen to you, your genes, the family that you have or your upbringing. Those factors have a big role in shaping you. An illness can slow you down. A difficult environment can change the way you see the world. And your genetics can put you at risk for disease and illness that’s not an issue for your friend or neighbor.

While those things are a real downer, you can think of it like the weather. They force you to bring a raincoat, a sweater or an umbrella to prepare. They temporarily direct your path. But it doesn’t have to ruin your life.

You can choose to allow addiction, illness, depression, or other difficulty to leave you permanently defeated. After all, there is legitimate reason for you to fall down when the going gets tough. But whether you get up after you fall is more an indication of your own attitude, strength and resilience than the obstacles that flood your path. As you’ll find out below, with knowledge and awareness comes responsibility. You can choose to allow life’s challenges to consume you or you can choose to not be overwhelmed by them. It’s a choice that will dictate the rest of your life so make sure you choose wisely.

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