When things are going well, the rocks and pebbles that traverse your path seem like temporary and tolerable roadblocks. But throw in a sleepless night, conflict with a loved one and an illness, and any minor issue as tiny as a grain of sand can feel as painful as a shard of glass.

On days like these, it’s best not to exacerbate the situation. If possible, finding ways to baby yourself the way you would a sick child will soothe the parts of you that feels wounded. Rest, support, compassion can all help to heal what ails you in this moment. Make it a priority to take care of yourself and you’ll be better able to meet any future challenges that come your way.

This week you may still be recovering from Mother’s Day. Scroll down below to read how you can heal not just from growing up with an emotionally unavailable mother, but from a difficult past. There’s also tips on how to be comfortable with being yourself and ways to give back to a deserving mom in your life. This mix of healing posts should help you through any rough day you’re having right now.

{Flickr photo by Randy Cox}

Wounds of Childhood: Three Understandings to Facilitate Healing of Past Wounds in the Present
(Neuroscience & Relationships) – You may have had a difficult, traumatic childhood. But here’s hope that you can heal the wounds of your past.

Mother’s Day For The Momless (Narcissistic Mother)
(Therapy Soup) – Mother’s Day isn’t the greeting card holiday commercials make them out to be. This is especially the case for those who grew up motherless. Arguably one of the worst of these is having a mother who is narcissistic. If that sounds like you, read how you can mother yourself this holiday.

Chronic Pain and Narcotic Use
(Living With Chronic Pain) – Have you ever felt judged by your pain management doctor? This blogger shares your pain. Read what it’s really like managing chronic pain and the judgmental looks from those who are supposed to help heal you.

Putting Yourself Out There: My Tricks for Gaining Self-Assurance
(The Impact of Sex Addiction) – One of the challenges addicts face is feeling comfortable with being themselves. How do you put yourself out in the world in a more authentic way? Here are four strategies to help you appreciate your genuine self.

Happy Mother’s Day To Moms Who Put Themselves Second
(Caregivers, Family & Friends) – Mother’s Day is long gone. But you can still show your appreciation for a mother you treasure in your own life. Here are a few thoughtful ideas.