We all want to feel better. We all want and need to feel loved. What gets in the way of true happiness isn’t desire. Most often we don’t know the path to take us there.

I know people who relentlessly sabotage their happiness. Maybe it’s because they’ve grown accustomed to being disappointed. Maybe it’s because they believe they don’t deserve it. Maybe it’s because what they know, no matter how bad, seems better than what they don’t know. But mostly it’s because of fear.

Maybe the bridge to take you where you want to go is filled with challenges and you’re scared too. Perhaps seeing a therapist would help you with managing the insurmountable problems you’re dealing with. Or your biggest challenge is caring for someone will an illness and you don’t know how to cope.  Maybe what you need is support, information and hope that you can overcome whatever you’re enduring currently. Although it’s scary to confront those obstacles in your path, once defeated, the road seems a lot less overwhelming and intimidating. We hope these posts will help you through whatever you’re going through.

{Flickr photo by Ryan Schultz}

What Makes a Good Therapist?
(Bonding Time) – This is a question all therapists should ask themselves. It’s a reminder that while there are no perfect therapists, it’s important to always work on being better. Find out what’s key in evaluating yourself.

Psychotic Disorders: Differences & Ways To Cope
(Caregivers, Family & Friends) – Being a caregiver is not easy. In order to take care of the ones you love, you need the right tools to help you cope. Here are specific ways you can help a loved one manage episodes of delusions and/or hallucinations.

Sex Addicts are Codependents Too
(The Impact of Sex Addiction) – Sex addicts deal with more than just the obvious relationship issues. This explains how deep the roots of relational trauma go. Read it to understand yourself or someone you love with codependent issues and/or sexual addiction better.

Aren’t All Creative People Multitalented?
(The Creative Mind) – Are you creative? If so, you’re probably good at a variety of things. Find out who shares your creative gifts.

Thoughts On Amanda Berry’s Amazing Rescue
(Therapy Soup) – It’s difficult to make sense of trauma. This post attempts to understand some of the reasons behind capture bonding and extreme co-dependency.