It’s easy to cross over from stressed to overwhelmed especially if you’ve been recently diagnosed with an illness. What once may have caused you worry, now seems superficial.

Welcome to the club! While it can seem like a scary process to navigate where you were to where you are now, you are not alone. It’s what many of our bloggers deal with every day. Although it’s difficult to deal with the unknown and grasp the idea of being different or not “normal,” there is a silver lining. Many people who have been diagnosed with mental illness have happy lives. Also, they are often more compassionate, resilient, and grateful for the life they have. The key is to find like-minded individuals, be kind to yourself and focus on the areas of your life that’s working.

As you’ll read this week, there are positives to being different. We hope you don’t just accept it, but celebrate it. Need help embracing your uniqueness? Scroll down below. You’ll find more reasons to celebrate here.

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Mental Health Awareness Month Video PSA
(Be the Change) – In honor of Mental Health Awareness Month, Dani discusses the impact mental illness and stigma have on individuals, families and society as a whole. Spread awareness with this informative, powerful and relevant video.

National Institute of Mental Health Takes on the DSM
(The Impact of Sex Addiction) – Has the National Institute of Mental Health (NIMH) solved any problems existing in the current DSM? Dr. Linda Hatch reviews some of the changes.

Creativity and Highly Sensitive Men
(The Creative Mind) – Highly sensitive men may find it difficult to feel accepted in society. But there are a lot of positives that come with the territory. Learn how men respond by coping with, embracing or accepting their highly sensitive personalities.

Ditching Dieting: Celebrate International No Diet Day!
(Weightless) – In celebration of International No Diet Day (INDD), Margarita doles out the facts about dieting.  You’ll also get creative ways you can celebrate this important day.

My antidepressants: What’s up with generics?
(Depression On My Mind) – Maybe brand names do matter. Have you found that the generic version of name brand antidepressants don’t work nearly as well? Chime in here.