Have you or someone you loved been recently diagnosed with a physical or mental illness? Aside from the initial shock, most of us feel both relief and anxiety. It’s validating to finally know what’s wrong, yet what’s next is uncertain. How do you cope when you’ve been recently diagnosed?

It’s difficult to stay hopeful when there is still so much you need to know. Give yourself time to grieve over your compromised health. Surround yourself with supportive, understanding and loving people. And be cognizant of what you can do. Taking care of yourself is of the utmost importance.

This week you’ll learn how to integrate more moments of self-care in your life, which will help regardless of your diagnosis. Scroll down below and feel more at peace with a short meditation practice, understand why what people say can really hurt you and learn ways to cope with your negative inner thoughts.

{Flickr photo by Kukhahn Yoga}

What NOT to Say to Someone in Chronic Pain
(Living With Chronic Pain) – It’s normal to feel vulnerable when you’re suffering from chronic pain. There’s the fear of being stigmatized, judged, or criticized for what you no longer can do. It’s even worse when those you love say these unintentional, but hurtful things to you.

Parental Influence – It Matters More Than You May Think
(Family Mental Health) – Feel like your words are falling on inattentive ears? Think again. Why what you say does matter to your kids.

Beer, Gatorade and Dopamine: How the alcoholic brain works
(Depression On My Mind) – How accurate is a study on the taste of beer’s effects (minus the alcohol) on dopamine? This blogger ponders what roles memories and psychology have on the results. Read her thoughts here.

Dangers of Assigning Meaning To Thoughts
(Be the Change) – Without awareness, you might find yourself giving more power to your thoughts than you should. Watch this video to learn how to effectively cope with them so they don’t take over your life.

The Original Mindfulness Meditation
(Channel N) – Got mindfulness? Check out this brief and simple meditation to add more peace, meaning and awareness into this moment.