Waiting for Happiness

Too many of us save our best selves for a rainy day. We wait for love to find us, for our life’s purpose to show up, for some shot of good luck to turn our lives around. Sadly, many of us will wait forever.

While you wait holding onto the good China/outfit/attitude for some perfect moment, you’re missing out on many memorable ones along the way. True happiness isn’t defined by what happens to you. It’s carving out joyful memories along the way.

“…happiness can simply be described as the satisfaction we feel when we are in ultimate accord, however, briefly, in being and doing. In those unified moments, our purpose is life and our talent is living it in its most immediate detail, be it drying the dishes or raking the leaves or washing the baby’s hair.” – Mark Nepo, The Book of Awakening

Don’t wait for the perfect relationship or a slew of good news before you give yourself permission to be happy. Take these posts this week as a sign that you can create your own moments of happiness with patience, practice and by empowering yourself. Choose happiness for this moment regardless of what you’re going through.

{Etsy illustration by Shelli Dorfe!}

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