Resisting What Is

I think life’s difficulties do not rest solely upon the external events that rock our world, but the way we digest them. It’s wanting what you do not have. It’s wishing things were different. It’s replaying moments the way you want them to be, not as they are currently.

It’s this type of ruminating, repetitive thinking, that can drive us mad. It not only robs us from the potential of this present moment, but it steals away the gift of what is.

Sure no one is thrilled when bad things happen or when things don’t occur the way we planned. But the greater mystery isn’t, “why did this happen to me?” as, “why do we think we can control everything?”

Maybe the answer is that being out of control makes us feel fearful and vulnerable to disappointment and unhappiness. It brings back our past childhood memories of being helpless. It reminds that we’re a lot less powerful than we think we are.

But the truth is we’re both powerful and powerless, both significant and insignificant, and within the confines of life, we have choices. We can choose, for example, whether to feel good or bad about ourselves or our lives. We can decide to do small things to make huge differences for our physical and mental health. And we can create our own successes in life. That’s what our blog posts will teach you this week. Enjoy!

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