Unlike being outdoorsy, extroverted or intelligent, there’s not much reason to boast when it comes to being introverted.

As a child, my mom used to buy me children’s books which always seemed to have a shy girl as the protagonist or a stuffed animal that would say, “I’m lonely.” None of these made me feel any better about being shy, lonely or introverted. It did make me realize that being this way set me apart from other children and adults in our society.

As I got older, life confirmed my earlier thought. It wasn’t easy being sensitive and shy. People seemed attracted to others who were gregarious, outgoing, the life of the party. I wanted to melt into the wall not stand out from it. It’s only recently after reading this New York Times article that I experienced a major shift in perspective. In it, the late Debbie Ford said motivational speaker and author Deepak Chopra taught her that what she thought were weaknesses and vulnerabilities were actually her strengths. What a gift! It showed me that introversion could actually be a blessing.

This week’s posts also validate this belief teaching us how introversion and being alone play into creativity and intimacy. If you’re feeling isolated because of your differences, consider celebrating them. As you’ll read below, what sets you apart from the crowd could be your greatest strength not your weakness.

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