I hope you got through April Fool’s Day unscathed. If you’re wondering why a potentially harmless joke may seem unworthy of serious concern, know this. I’ve spent most of my childhood and young adult years making sure to avoid humiliation and being duped by my infamous gullibility. Why? Because the fear of being shamed can trigger years of torment garnered from critical parents and torturous bullies. I still have nightmares about the little boys who teased me and teenagers who bullied me growing up.

At the root of all teasing and seemingly harmless joking is the power of shame. Shame or the belief that we are unworthy can unravel the strongest among us. It can make individuals feel disgusted with their bodies, hate their differences and become irrationally angry towards themselves and others to cope. All of which exacerbate feelings of unworthiness.

The solution? Work on building up your toolbox. Teach yourself and then your kids the importance of self-compassion, inner peace, understanding and awareness. These posts address all of the above to help you and your loved ones get through difficult times with courage and love.

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A Meditation For Promoting Peace Within Ourselves
(Weightless) – To have a better, more peaceful life, you need to start with drawing peace within. Take a few minutes today to practice this loving-kindness meditation for yourself.

How To Find Courage In Feelings Of Uncertainty
(Caregivers, Family & Friends) – What do you do in the midst of uncertainty, self-doubt, and fear of the unknown? Take these five lessons learned by this blogger and use it to help you cope.

Anger and Fear
(360° of Mindful Living) – What is anger? Learning how to manage this often intimidating and misunderstood emotion takes understanding it. Read what’s at the root of anger and you may discover what’s really upsetting you.

Schizophrenia in Children
(Family Mental Health) – Schizophrenia isn’t just a disorder affecting teens and adults. 1 in every 10,000-30,000 children have it too. What does schizophrenia look like in children? What causes it and what’s key when it comes to supporting families going through it? Find out here.

Weekend Listening: The Effects of Bullying With Tamara Hill
(Celebrity Psychings) – You’re increasingly hearing about the negative impacts of bullying. But what can you actually do to help? Listen to this broadcast to get information on bullying online and in school with information on what you can do to stop it.