You’ve probably heard the term, “mindfulness” a million times. If not on this site then from a friend, on TV or in a magazine. It’s a buzzword that has been spoken by your neighbor and Oprah. But what does it mean and how does it apply to real life?

I was watching an old Oprah show recently where she talks to Seat of the Soul author Gary Zukov. Although they were discussing relationships, he said something I thought could be applied to everyone, single or in coupledom. Instead of blaming or holding someone responsible when you are upset or hurt, he said to work on finding out what’s making you feel this way. Learning to focus on yourself can help you grow as a person, enrich your relationships and change your life. What does this have to do with mindfulness?

Instead of checking out when things get hard or running through your to-do list when you’re with others, mindfulness requires you to pay attention. And in paying attention, you may discover the difficult moments you’ve been trying to hide. When faced with your own stuff, you may learn that you’ve got a lot of inner work to do. Being mindful opens you up to the bad as well as the beautiful moments you might otherwise miss. Read our posts below and you’ll find that mindfulness is a surprising way to empower yourself and truly live your life.

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Mindful Parenting: Being Present for the Good Moments and the Tough Ones
(Mindful Parenting) – There are many memorable moments in the life of a parent. Some bad, some good. But if you learn to pay attention to all of them, you will find compassion, patience and even gratitude in every moment.

Body Image Booster: Practicing Mindfulness
(Weightless) – When you eat, do you savor every morsel or do you eat mindlessly? Are you aware of the thoughts that pass through your mind while flipping through women’s magazines? Learning to slow down, paying attention and being mindful can improve your body image. Find out how here.

How Psychology is Used in Advertising
(Channel N) – Many consumers are unaware of the role psychology plays in advertising. This cute, short and interesting video shows how things like colors and emotions can persuade you into buying a product.

Need to Bounce Back? Get Rid of These 5 Things
(Bounce Back) – When the going gets tough, how do you keep going? Learn what five stumbling blocks will prevent you from persevering when life gets hard.

Struggling to Hold Onto Your Sobriety? Try Helping Someone Else
(Addiction Recovery) – The key to your sobriety and recovery could lie in your ability to help others. Read the latest research on the benefits of helping others and find out what you can do to give back here.