What does it mean to honor yourself? Does self-care and prioritizing your needs equate with being selfish?

In the heat of an argument, I’ve been called selfish. Instead of arguing the time I spend giving to others, the money I spend donating to nonprofit organizations, I simply said, “Yes. Yes I can be.” I didn’t mean it in a sarcastic way. Truthfully, there are moments when I am selfish, when my own needs are taken into consideration before I think of others. It happens when I pass down a party because I’m too tired or limit my time with a critical relative in order to be kind to myself. While I don’t identify as being a selfish person, I understand the importance of self-preservation. When I am happy, I am kinder, more patient and generous to others. I have more to give when I am not depleted. And I am more apt to take part in acts of selflessness. Funny how that works isn’t it?

That doesn’t mean it’s an easy thing to do. Along with prioritizing your own needs, you may feel episodes of overwhelming guilt. You may be sick and need to rest. Yet, a lifetime of being taught to put others needs above your own pushes you to take on more responsibilities than you can manage.

To live a happier and healthier life, you need to understand and accept who you are and then have the courage to do what’s necessary to care for yourself. Whether you have ADHD, are depressed, stressed or highly sensitive, the following posts will give you new ways of taking care of and honoring your own needs so you can better help others too.

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