It’s so easy to get sucked into mind traps. If I have any regrets in life, it’s all the time I wasted analyzing and pondering potential negative situations that never arose. It’s believing the untruths about myself from people who are untrustworthy, who don’t have my best interest at heart or who are incapable of kindness because they haven’t learned how to be kind to themselves.

It’s exhausting pleasing others, resisting what is instead of practicing acceptance, wanting what I don’t have instead of being grateful for what I have. But it’s also a constant battle to trust my instincts and let go. To allow the gifts of life to be unwrapped in its own time instead of avoiding the presence for the presents I desire now.

It’s moments of distress, when I’m upset, envious, ungrateful that silence plays its biggest role. When waves of overwhelm threaten to defeat your inner sanctum, use it to determine what’s really bugging you, to calm what ails you, to listen to your inner truths. When we awaken to what’s already within us, we find a strength and courage we didn’t know we had. We realize a storm in front of us could be a powerless ripple. When allowed to take its course, whatever is difficult will eventually subside. Being mindful of how we’re worsening our situation by “should”-ing on everything, avoiding, complaining, or wishing things would be a certain way, will lift the veil that’s clouding our happiness.

If you’re in need of a wake up call, read our top posts this week. It’s a much-needed reminder about the importance of appreciating, accepting and acknowledging what’s working in your life.

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