When You Feel Helpless

As children, we feel helpless because we essentially are. As adults, we expect to rise above our former vulnerabilities because our physical and emotional limitations seem to melt away as we age. Maybe that’s why unexpected challenges can easily overwhelm us. We forget that life isn’t supposed to be easy. That the role of pain is to help us grow.

When we’re kids all we want to do is to grow up. We want to order from the adult menu, stay up late, and do all the fun things adults can do. But as adults all we want is to return to innocence, to not be responsible, to truly enjoy whatever moment we’re in.

What we can learn from both stages of growth is that children are not immune to difficulty and adults are not superheroes. No one can escape from challenges. Children get stressed and you’re not automatically equipped to handle everything you’re given. But as an adult, you do have the ability to manage what comes your way. If you or your loved ones are enduring stress and you’re feeling helpless and unable to cope, these top posts will provide you with the resources, information and courage you need to get through it.

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