Guilt is the five-letter word that haunts and terrorizes even the most put together person. It reminds us that we’re selfish when we decide to take care of ourselves or holds us responsible for people and situations that we have no business feeling responsible for. It works because we can never live up to anyone’s expectations. Being imperfect sets us up for failure every single time.

That means that guilt comes along with the territory. It follows us when we’re less than efficient at work, snappy at our kids and/or partners or have to cancel on our friends. We might have a reason for it. Maybe we’ve been recently diagnosed with an illness or overwhelmed lately. But there’s something that pulls at us that says,”You should be this way and if you’re not, there’s something wrong with you.” In response to guilt we have a few choices. We can simmer in it sinking into a deep well of self-pity and regret. Or we can dust ourselves off, practice self-compassion and acceptance and then decide if we want to do something about it.

Whether you’re learning to find your own true refuge, deal with depression, be more creative or teach your kids about resilience, these posts will give you information on taking positive steps toward change. As you read them, be grateful for your efforts to take these initial steps and try to let go of the belief that you have to do it right the first time. Have a great weekend!

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