Just as we are our greatest enemy, our thoughts can be our biggest obstacle. The things we say to ourselves will physically and mentally drain us especially if we’re not aware of it. In a single day, a multitude of thoughts float around in our heads. What we choose to hang onto directs our day and can dictate our lives.

I’m always surprised, for example, how simple miscommunication can blow up into unnecessary drama. Sometimes in an effort to preserve our ego or hide our true selves, we react defensively and emotionally. The residue can last long after the incident fades. In fact, if left unattended, it festers. An annoyance with a friend can inevitably lead to a end of a friendship. A worry at work can result in sleepless nights and that can lead to poor work performance. Thinking and rethinking an event obsessively never helps a problem, all it does is traps us in a never-ending cycle of doomsday.

The solution to get out of it?

When I found myself ruminating recently, I realized that I could allow these balloons of thoughts to weigh me down or I could let them go. As someone who is known to be a worrier, the latter was not easy. But in the end, it’s all about choices. Making a decision to surrender instead of excessively worrying about what might not happen is easy when thinking of the alternative. Repetitive worrying and what-ifs can waste a moment, sabotage your health and gnaw away at your life. In contrast, controlling the things you can and eliminating all else is freeing.

I hope our posts this week will help you release the balloons that weigh you down. By deciding to release yourself from negativity whether it’s through acceptance, or reducing your anxiety and worries, you will be freed from the mental traps that imprison you. Do that and you’ll be on your way to a happier life.

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Warning: Your Mind Has a Trap Set for You
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