How many times have you worked yourself into a panic only to realize later that what you were worried about never happened? Yep, we’re all guilty of it because most of the time we’re on autopilot. The mind’s constant chatter drives our thoughts and behaviors. If we don’t pay attention, it can get the best of us.

This morning, for example, I woke up not in blissful transition from restful sleep, but in panic. My mind raced with things I needed to do, with worries built up from yesterday and the fear of the unknown resting heavily on my shoulders. Like a TV station constantly streaming the news, it jumped from one concern to another with no silly commercial breaks to lighten the load. It was my morning meditation CD that snapped me out of it. Focusing on the sound of the speaker’s voice, I was pulled out of my own thoughts. I realized my life was not falling down around me. My life was right here in this moment lying in bed, safe and sound.

You need only pay attention to witness how your thoughts are running/ruining your life. If you’ve been in a flurry of stress and chaos lately, I recommend you read our first post. It’s an easy way to get you out of your head and back to the comforts of the here and now. Also, if you’ve noticed you’re a lot more stressed today than you were years ago, you’ll appreciate our post on the internet’s impact on stress and anxiety. If you’re like me, the constant stream of news via the media doesn’t do much to help cultivate a sense of peace in your life. But not to worry, our posts this week should help.

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Understanding Anger in the Aftermath of Trauma and Disaster 
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Coping With Failure Constructively
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