Do you see the challenges in your life as problems or opportunities? I know the latter sounds a little pollyanna. I’m sure you weren’t searching the web to find opportunities that ADHD or Bipolar Disorder bring. What you were probably looking for is strategies, help or advice.

I can understand both perspectives. At least initially, anything that happens in our life that seems abnormal feels like a huge insurmountable problem. It can feel like chaos, an wanted gift, a horrible nightmare. But over time, we might find an unexpected gift if we’re open to seeing it. This takes more work. It takes a conscious effort to find the silver lining. It requires change. If you allow it, whatever you are going through can take you from the life you thought you wanted to the life you need.

If you’re opting for this type of life, you might want to read our top post. It’s all about how to consciously co-create your life instead of live passively in a world of fear. It’s the type of life story that can change the way you view your problems and life challenges. If there was a way to change our perceptions on the gravest issues that come across our path, we can live our life courageously, stronger, and more confident that we can conquer anything.

A Conscious Writing of Your Life Story, 1 of 2: The Authentic Wise-Self vs The Wounded Ego-Self
(Neuroscience & Relationships) – If you were to write your life story, would you write it in the perspective of an authentic wise-self, someone who is a conscious co-creator or the wounded ego-self, someone driven by fear? This post will help you decide not only what kind of story you want to write, but the life you want to live.

Lance Armstrong: Narcissist or “Optimist”?
(Bonding Time) – Lance Armstrong’s recent confession to Oprah Winfrey has this blogger wondering if he is a narcissist, not the “optimist” he claims to be. This post provides convincing evidence that he may be the former. Read this and decide for yourself.

ADHD and Being a Loner
(ADHD from A to Zoë) – If you have ADHD and find yourself choosing to be alone more than you’d like, you might be able to relate to this post. Here are all the reasons why Zoë caught herself automatically alone on a day when she’d prefer company. Find out what ADHD has to do with it.

Can Equine Therapy With Teens Reduce Incidences of Adult Obesity?
(Equine Therapy) – This post lists a few recent studies that provide an interesting look at the relationship between equine therapy and adult obesity.

Befriending Bipolar Disorder: BipolarLab eBuddy Program!
(Bipolar Trek) – An important program for both individuals with bipolar disorder and psychology undergrads!  The BipolarLab eBuddy program helps bipolar disorder patients connect with others and gain social support. And eBuddies gain the opportunity to get free training and supervision, and experience with clinical psychology and bipolar disorder. Learn more here.