I’m often surprised when a heated argument with someone turns out to be a fight over the same thing. Most of the time angry and dramatic outbursts hide hurt feelings. Opposite parties usually just want to be heard and validated. What gets us into a regretful territory is focusing on being right and worrying more about being heard than hearing others.

I’ve realized over time that when it comes to better communication and having a less stressful life, the more I attempt to control the situation, the worse the situation gets. If I’m anxious, for example, my body will tense up in reaction. I can feel my pulse start to race and my palms sweat. I realized that by letting go in response to anxiety whether from crowds or from an angry relative, I can learn to detach. I can put a pause between reacting and feeling and choose to be in a healthier space.

This week you’ll learn how mindfulness can help you and your children gravitate toward a more peaceful, manageable place than the current world we live in. You’ll also get must-read tips on things like managing the flu and mental illness while learning what new strategies are attempting to mitigate the negative effects of media on childhood obesity and get information on the complicated treatment of those who grapple with sex and drug addiction. Lots of important posts on not just having a more peaceful inner world, but a healthier outer one as well!

Mindfulness in a Noisy, Messy, Cluttered World
(The Emotionally Sensitive Person) – In this chaotic, modern world, it’s hard to find peace and quiet. Noise, crowds and clutter are the emotionally sensitive person’s real nightmare. How do you achieve a sense of peace and mindfulness despite where you live? Read this.

Bringing Mindfulness to Children and Schools: An Interview with Holistic Life Foundation
(Mindfulness & Psychotherapy) – Kids today seem so much more anxious than they did in the past. Schoolwork, bullying, pressures to succeed may not have been a problem generations ago. Because of this kids today need new ways to help them deal with issues like anger and behavioral problems. This interview with Holistic Life Foundation founders will help.

5 Vital Guidelines If You Have Mental Illness & The Flu
(Therapy Soup) – Having the flu when you have a mental illness can pose some additional problems. But it doesn’t have to. Here are five things you should be aware of if you’re dealing with both.

Dr. George Drinka On Junk Foods, Healthy Foods, and the Marvels of the Media
(Your Body, Your Mind) – Child psychiatrist and author Dr. George Drinka addresses one of the most serious issues facing the US todaythe role media plays in childhood obesity. Learn what different approaches are trying to turn the tide on this current trend.

When Drugs And Sex Are A Single Addiction
(Sex & Intimacy in the Digital Age) – Sex and drug addiction make treatment complicated. But successful treatment requires addressing both. Find out who is most likely to be susceptible, how this population is best treated and why this blogger believes there’s hope for this population who often feel their situation is hopeless.