Everybody wants to be understood. But who’s willing to give out a little understanding?

Spend enough time listening to a friend, an acquaintance or even your own complaints and you may start to hear a pattern. “Why did so and so do this? How could they say this to me? I wish they could understand what I’m going through!”

Turn the situation around. Do you see that what you’re wanting in someone else could be what they’re wishing in you too?

Sometimes we get so caught up in what other people are not giving us, we don’t realize we’re being stingy with compassion ourselves. You may, for example, wish that your mother was more compassionate about your job situation, your husband was more understanding about your illness or your friend was more supportive. As much as you wish they were a little more empathetic, they might wish the same thing in you. Maybe in order to be understood, you need to first understand. That means practicing compassion for that closed minded acquaintance who labeled you as “too sensitive,” or it could mean being more compassionate toward yourself.

We hope this week you’ll read our posts and gather a little more kindness toward others (maybe having compassion for that person who misunderstands you) and yourself (by saying goodbye to perfectionistic bodies and a perfectionistic body image). It’s all in an effort to live better in 2013. What are you working on doing this year to be a more understanding and compassionate to others and yourself?

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