Thank goodness the holidays are over! Yes I love the lights, the get togethers, the gifts. But the same things that makes the holidays fun can also make it overwhelmingly exhausting. So while I’m grateful for the celebratory nature of the season, I’m even more thankful for the quiet.

No more forced holiday gatherings, shopping lists, and unachievable Hallmark expectations. In fact, the day after January 1st is one of my favorite days of the year. It’s a fresh clean slate after months of anticipation. 2013 is finally here!

There’s something about a new year that brings a sense of newfound hope. Maybe it’s the fact that we survived whatever unpredictable trauma came upon us the year before. Or a new year signifies an end where new beginnings can begin. And it’s not just about losing weight, being more healthy, buying a house or finding your soulmate. I think it’s deeper than that. The change of the calendar year brings about the belief that positive change is possible.

Our top posts in 2013 will give you the incentive, motivation and advice you need to take the reigns and begin sowing new seeds. Come spring and summer we won’t be bemoaning our inability to check off those resolutions, we will be celebrating our changing beliefs, behaviors and lives. Happy 2013!

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