There are bad days-you can’t find your keys, your late for work, your stuck in traffic, your kids are being impossible, you majorly screw up on a project-and then there are overwhelmingly tragic ones. The latter are days when you can’t find the energy to peel yourself out of bed. Maybe you’re coping with a recent loss or dealing with of a sense of hopelessness garnered from the news. That’s enough to spiral anyone into a state of depression. (Please seek help and support if you’re inability to cope is interfering with your normal day-to-day activities.)

It’s days like Friday that can cause that kind of heartache. With those who were directly affected by the Connecticut tragedy in mind, these bloggers are doing what all of us are trying to do right now. Cope.

They’re blogging about solutions and probable answers to the kind of questions we’ve all been asking lately: “Why did this happen? How can we prevent it from happening again? What is the connection between mental health disorders and violence? How do we deal with the loss of our children?”

In times like these, there are no easy answers. But hopefully, you will find comfort and maybe even hope in their words below.

Guns and Mental Health: The Debate that Never Ends
(Depression On My Mind) – When tragedy like the recent Connecticut shooting strikes, everyone wants to know, “Why?” Instead of more questions, blogger Christine provides answers and offers up possible solutions to the ongoing issue of guns and mental health.

Too Many Guns, Not Enough Mental Health Treatment
(Bonding Time) – How do we prevent more tragic shootings from occurring? Another blogger highlights a few key pieces like early detection and treatment to help kids from growing up to be dangerous adults.

Bullying in the Workplace, Where are the Bystanders?
(Beating the Bully) – Bullying happens in adulthood too. Why are bystanders, those that witness bullying, reluctant to intervene? Fear of retaliation and the complexity of workplace dynamics. Read more here.

Connecticut Catastrophe: How Do You Face The Loss of Children?
(Healing Together for Couples) – What does one say to someone who just lost a child? An author who lost two sons in a single night gives his own advice.

Asperger’s, ADHD, Autism & Violence: Is There A Connection?
(ADHD Man of Distraction) – Blogger Kelly explains how mental health stigma is responsible for fear and embarrassment in seeking help. That’s what he says is the real connection between violence and mental health disorders.