What does it mean to be bold, strong, courageous?

That definition will vary depending on your current and past situation, on who you look up to, and what activities, feats, and endeavors are just beyond your reach. For me, it’s individuals who followed the beat of their own drum. The men and women who courageously silence the outer chatter and listen to their own intuitive voice. It’s people who travel or move on a whim because it felt right. But it’s also those who courageously seek help, who choose to be themselves or speak out against injustice despite a strong societal desire to fit in. ┬áIt isn’t necessarily gigantic feats that make them courageous. It’s people who embrace their own strengths as much as their weaknesses and know that the battles that exist within are greater than the ones taking place outside their front door.

Some of the most heroic people I’ve met include a teenager who told me she was raped and seeking help for it and a friend who recovered from alcoholism and devoted his life to helping individuals through counseling as others had helped him. Sometimes we think the most inspiring people are the ones we see on TV. But it doesn’t have to be. It could be someone vocal about mental health or someone quietly working on themselves. It’s the vegetarian, tea drinking yoga lover as much as it is the coffee drinking meat eating mother. One thing they have in common? A desire to be kinder, more mindful and a better person. Read our posts below and you may discover a hero in your own community or in yourself.

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Telling Your Story: 5 Ways Writing is Essential to Recovery
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What Does a Mindful Parent Look Like?
(Mindful Parenting) – You may have visions of tea drinking, zen living, yoga loving people. But this blogger sets things straight by teaching us that it’s not about what you do that makes you a mindful parent, it’s the way that you do it. And it’s a lot more doable than you think.

Being Bold Enough To Self-Publish
(The Creative Mind) – Being bold to you may mean self-publishing a book. If that’s true, you’ll find inspiration in this post about authors who did just that and did it successfully.

Helping Your Child Have A Healthy Relationship With Food: Part 3 With Dr. Katja Rowell
(Weightless) – How do you raise healthy kids with a healthy relationship with food? This post provides helpful and easy tips for parents desiring ways to make the experience of eating together more enjoyable and peaceful.

Equine Therapy: Embrace The Power Of Vulnerability
(Equine Therapy) – Vulnerability isn’t an act of cowardice, but bravery. As this post shows, the ability to recognize and express our fears actually helps us to confront it. This is true in equine therapy as it is in our every day life.