There are no guarantees in life. Just because you put yourself out there, doesn’t mean you’ll get a positive response. Just because you work on being kinder, more patient and compassionate to yourself and others, doesn’t mean you’ll get the favor returned. The thought can leave a lot of us depressed. But here’s where hope comes in.

Yes, you can only control so many things in your life. But within that seemingly limited space there’s tremendous room for self-control. Take your interactions with others, for example. You might not be able to control the way a parent negates your accomplishments, but you can choose to spend less time with them. You can’t force a family member to see your point of view, but you can lower your expectations for your relationship.

It’s all about making a conscious decision to do your part and let go. It’s the theme of this week’s posts. Whether you’re attempting to lose weight, be more creative, stress less over material possessions or keep your private practice in check, they’re about focusing attention on your own issues. We often spend too much time agonizing over what other people think, say, or believe about us. But as 2012 nears the end, it’s high time we take back control of our own lives. Maybe it’s about deciding to be healthier, avoid unnecessary spending by recycling and deleting all those holiday ads, or venting about your private life in-person instead of online.

It all comes down to a single choice: Will you make it about you or them?

Weightloss in 24 Hours or Googolplex Hours A Day #NHBPM
(Mental Health Humor) – What may seem easy for others can be a feat for those struggling with mental illness. Here our blogger courageously confesses his own personal issues with weight and low self-esteem.

Announcing the Developing Creativity Magazine
(The Creative Mind) – Congratulations to The Creative Mind blogger Douglas Eby for launching his new digital magazine! You can read more about Developing Creativity and get the first issue here.

Branding Psychotherapy: A New Quick Fix
(Coming Out Crazy) – Today’s desire to get better quick is turning traditional psychotherapy into a dying field. Read how a former journalist and new therapist felt forced to find a niche, get a brand and use social media to get clients.

The Stress Of Possessions
(Better Living Through Pithy Quotes) – ‘Tis the season where wanting is as much a part of our vernacular as giving. One blogger reflects on the simplicity of less possessions and her own struggle with giving into her want/need for a brand new car.

Pause Before Posting About Work On Personal Social Media Pages (part 1)
(Private Practice Toolbox) – Is it okay for therapists to vent about their clients on social media sites like Facebook? Of course not especially if you’re the client. Yet it happens whether or not therapists realize the harm they do to their practice, clients, and the therapeutic community.