At best, you’re back from Thanksgiving with a warm full tummy, loving memories with friends and/or family, a handful of yummy leftovers and lingering feelings of gratitude. At the least, you made it! You survived with turkey day emotions managed and self intact. Now moving onto the winter holidays…

But in case you’d like to pause a bit and remedy some of the situations or experiences that didn’t go on as planned yesterday or recently, you might want to read our posts this week. It’s not about Thanksgiving per say, but about the things we can do now to better our tomorrow.

Forget about waiting on someone else for things to improve. These posts are all about learning what you can do to change your situation. Whether it’s discovering ways to get more traffic to your website, communicating better with your spouse or managing your emotions, you’ll learn quickly that having a happier and more successful life involves empowering yourself.

Happy Belated Thanksgiving!

The Brain Does Not See The World As It is
(The Gentle Self) – You’re pissed at your partner because they disappointed you or maybe a friend dissed you. Could it be that what you’re experiencing speaks more to your past than your current situation? Learn how your memories color your present perspective.

5 Social Media Marketing Lessons From My Top Traffic Sources
(Private Practice Toolbox) – Want to get more traffic to your website? Here, Julie Hanks shares her five secrets to attract more online visitors.

Study Finds Autistic Kids With Psychiatric Disorders More Likely To Be Medicated
(My Meds, My Self) – Why are children diagnosed with autism spectrum disorders (ASD) more likely to take psychotropic medications? This post reveals recent study findings regarding coexisting psychiatric conditions and problem behaviors that may explain the relationship between the two.

Using Meditation to Change Emotional Response
(Channel N) – Can meditation really help you with your emotions? This 6-minute video discusses details of a 8-week study looking at the effects of meditation and its surprising benefits.

Defusing Confrontation with “I” Statements
(Bipolar Beat) – Dealing with confrontation isn’t fun. It’s easier to express anger and frustration in a back-and-forth argument than simply saying how you feel right? But doing the latter can mean the difference between continual arguing and peace. Learn the strategy that will help you defuse your most challenging confrontations especially helpful for the upcoming holiday season.