People like to subscribe to labels. It’s easier to identify one’s self and others when you compartmentalize them in boxes. Sometimes it starts in childhood and sticks. I’ve been “spoiled” for several decades now. My cousin is “overly-responsible.” A woman I interviewed recently called herself, “Type-A.”

Maybe you’ve given yourself your own labels like, “mother,” “perfectionistic,” “the good one,” or “funny.” And maybe these roles suit you well. Or maybe they just overstayed their welcome. After all, you’re more than your role or a label. You’re a parent, and a sibling too. You’re moody and sensitive, but you’re also compassionate and empathetic. And you’ve been battling with an illness, but for the last time, you’re not that illness.

Perhaps this week’s posts will help you embrace the whole of who you are. Whether you’re a parent, a perfectionist, a gluten-free wannabe, have borderline personality disorder or ADHD, it’s just as ADHD Man of Distraction blogger Kelly Babcock says:

“people with ADHD – are People…” (Just replace “ADHD” with whatever label you’ve been given lately.)

Parenting: Raising a Person
(Relationships in Balance) – What’s the difference between raising an emotionally self-aware and self-determined child versus raising a self-centered and self-focused one? Try to incorporate this list of traits and skills to raise more well-rounded kids.

Buddhist Psychology Treatment Plan for Perfectionism
(360 of Mindful Living) – Perfectionism can feel like an obsession, a never ending need to fill a hole that can’t ever be filled. The solution for breaking the cycle of perfectionism exists in one word. Acceptance.

Gluten-Free Menus To Improve Your Mood
(Therapy Soup) – Need help going gluten-free? Get a menu list of breakfast and lunch alternatives, recipe resources and more information on the benefits of going gluten-free here.

Borderline Personality Disorder: Google-Stalking Your Therapist
(Therapy Unplugged) – Blogger Sonia Neale asks and thoughtfully answers the question you might have wondered at one point: “Is Google-stalking your therapist morally wrong, a self defeating masochistic exercise in futility, considered Borderline Personality Disordered behaviour or worse, or downright creepy, dangerous and illegal; or is it healthy curiosity and something everyone does but would not admit to – or perhaps all of the above?”

13 Facts About People with ADHD
(ADHD Man of Distraction) – You’re not ADHD, but you have it. And at the very least people should recognize and accept it. But that’s not always the case. Here are 13 other facts about people with ADHD that are often overlooked, disregarded and ignored.