The holidays are overwhelming for many reasons. For one thing, we may believe that during these next few months we must forgo our independence, freedom and self-growth and transform back into vulnerable little kids. Of course, a mere party or get together couldn’t undo the years of therapy you invested in. But being in the presence of those who think otherwise can give you temporary amnesia. You may find yourself, for example, doing what your parents want you to do or being uncomfortably accommodating. Worst yet, you can’t stop yourself.

It happens to me every year when visiting relatives. My husband asks, “What happened to my wife and who is this little girl you replaced her with?”

Thankfully, I’ve learned that while it’s tempting to fall back into familiar ways, I always have a choice to take care of myself. This means doing a self check-in, setting boundaries where I see fit, and saying, “No” when I’ve reached my limit. It’s an important tool to learn not just during the holidays, but every day of the year.

And it’s also applicable whether you’re preparing for Thanksgiving next week, learning to be a better parent or making a decision to seek the help you need. It’s all about being aware of the choices you do have and realizing that no matter what situation you are in currently, you do have a choice. You can let others/fear dictate your life or you can finally choose to take care of yourself.

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