We often equate the word “sacrifice” with another S word, suffering. As children, we felt like being young was a sacrifice. We couldn’t stay up as late as we wanted to, eat sweets to our heart’s content or order from the big kid’s menu. I remember the first time I was too old to get something from the children’s menu. I was so excited! I couldn’t wait to order something more “grown up.”

That’s the reason why we get blindsided when we hear that something takes sacrifice. It feels like a road leading to disappointment, a reminder of what we didn’t get as kids. As a result, we focus more on the inconvenience of giving up what we have even if it means getting something better.

I heard a story once about how monkeys getting trapped by their temptations. If you put their favorite treat in a jar the monkey will fetch it and his hand will get stuck. If he let go, he would be free. But he won’t. It’s the same thing with sacrifice. We need to let go of what’s in front of us in the moment to get what we want (e.g. freedom, better physical/emotional health or a stronger online presence) in the future. As that little monkey anecdote shows us, it’s not easy. But these posts will help you do it, if only to remind you that the fruits of your labor will be worth it.

Speaking of sacrifice, I couldn’t write this up without thanking our veterans for serving our country. This is late and many have already said it before, but it’s always worth saying again. So thank you.{flickr photo}

Social Media Marketing Checklist: 10 Steps To Building A Stronger Online Presence
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The Gluten-Mood Connection
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When Infection Triggers OCD
(Therapy That Works) – Research shows there is a subset of OCD caused by an infection. Go here to learn the criteria for PANS or Pediatric Acute-onset Neuropsychiatric Syndrome, current treatment options and what factors increase your child’s susceptibility to it.

Mindful Parenting Reading List
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