Letting go is hard. And it’s a challenge shared on an individual, cultural and societal level. It’s the reason why the need for change comes way before any change actually takes place. The fear of the unknown is often the culprit. The enemy we know seems more tolerable than the one we have yet to meet.

What makes us finally let go of old ways of thinking, jobs that don’t serve us, friends that have outlived their stay, is that somewhere deep inside we know there is a better life for us. It’s a strand of hope that gives us the courage to walk the untravelled path.

Whether it’s an unhelpful thought, a belief, or an idea, perhaps intuitively you know it’s time to let go. If you stay open to the possibility of change, instead of being rigid, you’ll give yourself the opportunity to heal, to grow, to invite newness, opportunity and positivity into your life.

Yes the work is hard. But in accepting the situation in front of you just as it is, you may be able to finally see what’s not working and that insight could inspire change. Sometimes it’s reading the words of individuals who are going through what you’re going through that can breed awareness.

In our posts this week, you’ll have an opportunity to practice self-acceptance and greater awareness of what’s working and not working in your own life. Maybe you’ll realize social media isn’t good for you or that having an extreme way of thinking doesn’t serve you, or that parenting is about learning from your children as much as you teach them. I’m always surprised by the nuggets of insight that I learn here. Read it and you may be surprised too.

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A Brain Isn’t an Organ but an Organization
(360 of Mindful Living) – This enlightening post should change the way you think not just about your brain, but who you really are.

4 Ways Social Media Can Enable Sex Addiction
(The Impact of Sex Addiction) – Sometimes it’s diving in impulsively without understanding the consequences that poses a threat to individuals. Technology is such a case. You’ll learn how social media can contribute to things like narcissism and sex addiction.

Lessons in Mindfulness from a Disney Princess?
(Mindful Parenting) – A mother who also describes herself as a “egalitarian feminist social worker” struggles with her daughters’ recent obsession with princesses. But she surprises herself when she learns something valuable about mindfulness in the process.

Finding the Middle Path
(The Emotionally Sensitive Person) – Seeing things as black or white can create unnecessary drama and hardship in your life. Discover how following the middle path can help you manage emotions, learn to be more accepting of yourself and others and make better life decisions.

Sensationalism in the Media: Distortions of Psychiatric Illness on TV
(Therapy That Works) – How real is reality TV? This therapist shares the truth about psychological disorders depicted on TV and the negative impact of their inaccuracies.