Mindfulness is such the buzz word these days. The proof is in this week’s post. Why are people so in need of being mindful? Is being present really all that hard?

My logical mind says, “It’s not.” But remind me that the next time I’m driving, meditating or multitasking. Maybe we’re drawn to words like “mindfulness” because somewhere in-between dropping off our dry cleaning and picking up our kids, there is a voice that calls us to stop and listen. Sometimes the pain of silence and the worries that creep in feel intolerable. That’s what makes paying attention so heartbreakingly difficult.

But being mindful isn’t just about being quiet or even still. It’s about being conscience and aware of this moment. Doing so puts us in a better place to make decisions, to gain a greater understanding of things like addiction, ADHD, parenting and even mindfulness itself. The more aware we are, the more able we are to meet any challenge we face by facing it consciously.

You may feel afraid, intimidated or incapable of dealing with your fears. That’s why you hide from them by keeping busy or focusing on other people’s problems. But being conscious will give you a surprising amount of courage-courage you didn’t think you had. The first step in the process is being present right here, right now. If you’re ready to take the next step, these posts will help get you there.

Men vs. Women: Does Gender Matter in Addiction Recovery?
(Addiction Recovery) – When it comes to gender and addiction who has it better? Men or women? Taking a “Battle of the Sexes” approach, this post covers areas like prevalence, risk factors and response to treatment and how gender plays a part in each.

Where Mindfulness Fails
(Guideposts to Happiness) – Is Western mindfulness instruction derivative, a watered down version of its Eastern metaphysical origins? And is that such a bad thing? Blogger Will Meecham analyzes, criticizes and investigates the missing piece in today’s mindfulness techniques.

Mindful Parenting vs. Attachment Parenting
(Mindful Parenting) – Is mindful parenting the same thing as attachment parenting? Learn the differences between them and find out what kind of parent you are. You might just discover your best parenting style here.

A 2-Minute Practice to Get You in the Mindful Mood (Video)
(Mindfulness & Psychotherapy) – Feeling disconnected? In two minutes of watching this video, you’ll feel focused, aware and reconnected.

ADHD Awareness Week: Take the Survey Question!
(ADHD from A to Zoë) – In celebration of ADHD Awareness Week Zoë asks, “Who is the most important person that needs to know about ADHD?” You’ll be surprised by the answer.