Are you still sitting in the exact place you were a few months ago when you were bright-eyed and ready to take on the world? But now you’re just a little bit jaded, frustrated and disappointed with what little you’ve accomplished? Maybe you’re not exactly where you thought you’d be. Maybe you realized that you placed too much importance on the beginning of the new year. Maybe you thought it would bring a new job, a new love, better health, a new home. I see you. I notice the emptier gym class. I feel faith waning. But there’s still time. Don’t give up just yet.

It’s easy to feel frustrated that you’re not where you want to be. But it’s way too early in the game to know how it will end. Part of the path of change requires a tiny shift, baby steps in the right direction until small change leads to big momentous events. Just keep trudging along and you will see.

I love these posts because they teach us that there is no such thing as “never.” For example, if you’ve caught yourself saying, “I’ll never make a difference in the world” or “I’ll never learn what I need to know about starting a private practice” or, “I’ll never get over what he or she did.” These statements contribute to a feeling of hopelessness and the erroneous belief that change is not possible. But it is. Read our posts this week to get a dose of hope, motivation and information to get you back on track, moving you in the direction of where you want to be.

You Have More Power than You Think: How to Change the World One Small Step at a Time

(Adventures in Positive Psychology) – You’re just one person, but you have the power to not only influence your own life, but the lives of others. In this post, Joe lists six ways you can begin to change yourself and the world.

Forgiveness Versus Letting Go

(The Gentle Self) – Forgiveness isn’t easy and may feel impossible when the person you’re trying to forgive significantly harmed you. But holding hurt and anger in can cheat you out of a happy life. Here, you’ll learn the difference between forgiveness and letting go as well as determine when you should give up hope for the former and begin to work on the latter.

Mindfulness And Multitasking: Can You Do Both At Once?

(The Therapist Within) – You may think you’re getting a lot done by multitasking, but here’s why doing several things at once is not only impossible, but attempting to try it will drain your energy and focus.

Understanding the Levels of Validation

(The Emotionally Sensitive Person) – If you are an emotionally sensitive person or know someone who is, you will benefit from reading this post. Learn how validation can help to manage your emotions better and what you need to do to begin validating yourself and others.

What They Don’t Teach You In Grad School

(Private Practice Toolbox) – You won’t learn everything you need to know about going into private practice in grad school. That’s okay because Julie shares the top 5 things she’s learned in 17 years of practice that you may not learn anywhere else.