A few weeks ago, we tested out two new ways of delivering some of the week’s top news stories to our readers: an audio podcast and a video podcast.

We’ve listened to your feedback regarding both formats…and the winner is video!

This week’s “Psych Central Week in Review” video brings you some news about the role of social media in mental health, a request from “My Meds, My Self” blogger Kaitlin Barnett Bell for your own personal med stories, and a few of your answers to our questions on Facebook this week! (Be sure to watch — your own comments might be included!)

The full list of topics covered this week in the video include:

News: Online Social Networking May Cause Job Loss
News: Facebook May be Harmful to Self-Esteem
News: Perception of Illness Influences Outcome
News: 1 in 5 Americans Experienced a Mental Illness in Past Year
My Meds, My Self: Tell Me Your Stories About Medication
World of Psychology: Want to Feel Happier? Enjoying Childish Pleasures

As always, please let us know what you think. What type of news would you like to see us focus on in the future? Is there a particular disorder or area of interest you’d like to see covered in our weekly news updates?