It’s very easy to fall down what I like to call the, “Woe is me rabbit hole.” It can start innocently enough.

Maybe you’re having a particularly difficult day or you’re feeling tired, fed-up or emotionally exhausted. It’s during these times that the question you’ve been ruminating on such as, “Why this?” can easily be turned into, “Why me?” Negative thoughts like these can be seductive. Spend enough time focusing on them and they can grow into self-pity. And even worse? When you start asking yourself, “Why even try?” you’re on your way to self-sabotaging behavior.

When I’m in a downward spiral, distraction helps. What helps even more than that is reading about how others are not just surviving despite challenges, but doing inspiring, amazing things because of it. You’ll find it this week in reading about how mindfulness is helping kids deal with stress, how you can take back control of your happiness and your career, and find new ways to heal and motivate yourself.

Bookmark these posts for a rainy day when you need a boost or help transforming your thoughts from, “Why me?” to “Why not me?”

Mindfulness, Children and Parenting: An Interview with Amy Saltzman, MD

(Mindfulness & Psychotherapy) – We may not be aware of it, but children experience stress too. And parents contribute significantly to it. In this post, Dr. Goldstein interviews Amy Saltzman, MD a holistic physician in Northern California on an innovative way parents, caregivers and teachers can help kids manage their stress.

How Is Your Personality Impacting Your Happiness?

(Adventures in Positive Psychology) – Who you are has a surprising impact on your potential for happiness. How? This post looks at the Big Five Theory of Personality and its connection to psychological well-being.

How Do You Know If You Still Need Meds?

(My Meds, My Self) – Taking medication for mental illness is a necessity for most individuals. But because of the baggage that comes with prescriptions (a.k.a. side effects), it’s not always easy to keep taking them. Here, Kaitlin addresses the heart of medication non-adherence.

More On Nutrition, Body Peace & Yoga: Part 2 With Julie Norman

(Weightless) – In part 2 of her post, Margarita talks to Julie Norman, a registered dietician, yoga instructor and Health At Every Size Supporter about the dangerous myths of nutrition and how mindful eating and yoga can heal your negative body image.

Marketing Yourself And Your Creative Work: Don’t You Deserve a Wider Audience?

(The Creative Mind) – If you’re having trouble making a career out of your creative pursuits, take heart. It is possible, even in this economy, to make a living from your art. The key is to do away with the phrase “starving artist” and start learning how to market your art instead.