4 On-the-Spot Energy BoostersIt’s hard to get anything done when you’re dragging your feet. You might have a tough time concentrating on work or even play. Even participating in your favorite activity may not raise your energy.

Many factors can explain your sluggish system. Worrying excessively or feeling overwhelmed, unhappy or angry can deplete your energy, according to Kristin Taliaferro, Master Certified life and career coach. Your habits also can lower energy levels. Not getting enough nutrients, exercise or sleep slows you down.

Here are four simple ways to lift that lethargy.

1. Enjoy the great outdoors.

Take a break from work by heading outside and basking in your surroundings. “Nature revitalizes us instantly,” Taliaferro said. Being outside decreases stress hormones, which are draining on the body. And sunlight increases serotonin, which boosts mood.

2. Enjoy a short walk.

Expending energy can actually boost it. And walking is a great way to put a spring in your step. Research by California State University professor Robert Thayer found that the more steps participants walked, the more energy they gained. In fact, according to his research, 10 minutes of walking can enhance your energy for two hours.

3. Feast on energy-fueling foods.

The easiest way to start [boosting your energy] is with the fuel you put in your body,” Taliaferro said. Whole foods and fruits and vegetables are high-energy foods, she said. “[Eating these] will change your mood, outlook on life and how you feel physically, too.” Most days Taliaferro drinks a smoothie for her 3 p.m. snack, which gives her an energy boost. So whenever your energy starts to dip, enjoy foods filled with energy-enhancing nutrients.

4. Remove daily irritations.

Even itty-bitty annoyances become a big drain on your energy and can really weigh you down, according to Taliaferro. She teaches clients to practice a technique called “toleration removal.” She simply asks clients to create a list of all the things that annoy them about their life, job and relationships. Then she encourages them to remove several drains per week. “Taking charge of your life is always energizing,“ Taliaferro said.