It’s the second week of the new year. Where has your resolutions gone?

The gym is packed as it is every year in January. But when I ask about your resolutions, I’m really asking about your motivation, your sense of renewal, your excitement about what 2012 would bring you. Are you still feeling it or are you settling back into the daily doldrums that make it easy to take your life for granted?

I went for a walk today at my favorite time — sunset. I love how the orange hue from the sun casts a glow on everything it touches. I stopped and took a picture. As I did so, I saw people running around, playing with their dogs, throwing a ball, chatting with one another. I wondered if they noticed the fading sunlight too. Did they see the pink and purple hues?

I think it’s easy to take our lives for granted. We get excited about the possibility of change, recovery, a different life, but then we fall into the hole of fear. We make excuses for why we don’t change. We argue why staying where we are is better. We forget that the work is worth it. And that’s when the holiday honeymoon is truly over.

You may feel hopeless, desperate or feel that you will never get to your goals. But, there’s hope. I’m reminded of that whenever I catch a sunset, a falling star or begin to see things I thought I knew in a different way. That’s the theme of this week. It’s all about opening yourself up to possibility. Maybe you don’t know everything yet. Maybe you don’t know how your story goes. That’s the beauty of life and these 5 posts. Read them to learn ways to improve your practice and your health. Discover whether you’re emotionally sensitive or wake up to why you’ve really been avoiding treatment. You might just find inspiration to keep going in one of these posts. Good luck!

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