When I think about an incident, event, or situation where I’ve felt anxious, uncomfortable or unhappy, it’s always connected to the belief that I am unworthy. When I am unable to accept myself or believe that who I really am will not be accepted by others, I shut down. A blanket of societal standards and cultural beliefs that define what is normal covers me. I forget, the way we all do, that the purpose of life is to grow more into ourselves not more like one another.

On an episode of Oprah’s Lifeclass that aired on October 13, Oprah Winfrey said the following:

“You will not have the life you deserve if you’re pretending to be anything that you are not.”

But how do we have the courage to be authentic, to lay our vulnerabilities on the line for all to mock and see? Part of the journey is learning self-acceptance. Maybe the key is to take what others call limitations, disorders, difference and redefine them as courage, strength, creativity. This is the type of perspective our posts are covering this week. It’s about learning to not just wish for external circumstances to change so we can have a better year, but learning the tools to make things better by changing the way we see ourselves. Only then can we feel safe enough to stop pretending, to spend time loving, healing and nurturing ourselves, which will give us the strength and freedom to be who we really are.

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