It’s hard to believe that anything that feels bad could be good for us. As kids, we learn quickly that falling down hurts. We associate punishment with hitting our siblings or talking back to our parents. We remember what it felt like when we ate too much candy, didn’t do our homework or spoke up when we were taught to close up. And as we became adults, those feelings lingered. When discomfort arose and challenges surmounted, instead of embracing them as opportunities we react by wanting to crawl under the covers and hide.

Yet, it may not always benefit us to do so.

The holidays do it to us. We’re filled with the fear and anticipation linked to familial obligation and high unrealistic expectations. And it’s understandable that instead of facing that lion, we’d rather avoid it. It’s the same with re-entering the dating scene or choosing to be mindful and loving towards ourselves and our loved ones. It’s easier to be bitter. It’s easier to give up. It’s easier to take our spouses for granted. But when we are conscious of the choices we have instead of feeling limited by them, we can grow into stronger, courageous beings, the kind of people we were always meant to be.

It’s a difficult choice initially. But when you think about the potential you have to change your life, the decision suddenly seems easy.

Hope these posts this week will nudge you in the direction that better serves you and your life.

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