If you’ve ever bought into an unwanted idea, you know the harm it can do to your psyche. As a teenager, maybe you weren’t the pretty one, or the athletic one so you labeled yourself the loser or the weirdo. But even as adults, feeling different doesn’t automatically dissipate especially if you decide to choose a non-traditional or alternative lifestyle. Instead you resolve that you’re difference means you’re unlovable or unworthy and that being normal or having a perfect life isn’t in the cards for you.

If you feel that way, take heart. I too, grew up feeling like the odd man out. It took years for me to truly realize that there is no such thing as normal and that the best gift we can give ourselves and the world is to fully embrace our uniqueness. Being like everyone else is boring. Being yourself is who you were meant to be.

I was reminded of this again on a recent trip to Arizona. Standing in the presence of breathtaking snow-capped mountaintops and awe-inspiring red rocks, I realized that the only thing I had to do was simply be. I hope you will remember that as well. Instead of forcing yourself into someone’s mold, why not make your own? You will find this theme in one of our posts this week that beautifully demonstrates the importance of individuality.

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