Have you ever felt fully present in a moment? Just a moment. Not a day or even an hour. But a mere moment where you were focused on the sunset in front of you, the steering wheel under your grip, the feeling of the ground under your footsteps?

I spent an entire quarter taking a course on stress management spending two hours a day meditating and being mindful. It was the most peaceful and yet alive I’ve ever felt. What surprised me was how exhilarating mundane activities became. Instead of switching to automatic pilot, I let myself be engaged in the process. Tuning in to things like taking a shower felt like a mini spa day.

I’m feeling nostalgic about those times. Lately, I’m multitasking while talking to my spouse, watching television and going for a walk. I think it’s an obsession with tech toys, the feeling of importance we get from having a busy schedule and the fear of silence that’s taking control of how we live our lives.

Unfortunately, this constant state of busyness creates a string of un-lived, unidentifiable days, which feels like they are all melded into one because we’re just not paying attention.

Recently, I heard fashion designer and filmmaker Tom Ford on OWN’s Visionaries: Inside the Creative Mind. The entire program was intriguing, but I hit pause on my DVR when I heard him say this:

“A few times in my life, I’ve had a few moments of clarity where I can drown out the noise and I can feel rather than think.”

Poignant don’t you think?

If you’re feeling disconnected lately, you will appreciate a post we have this week on the topic of mindfulness. Hopefully it will help you gain clarity and bring you back to this moment. Enjoy!

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