Suffering from any illness, whether physical or mental, can feel like you’re being held prisoner in your own mind and body. Maybe you’ve been given a new list of things you can’t do. You can’t eat certain foods, for example or you can’t tolerate certain situations. Or maybe it’s just that you can no longer do things with ease. Going out or conversing with others takes extra effort. It feels like you are a kid all over again only you have all the responsibilities of an adult.

Add normal daily activities and the upcoming holiday season and it’s understandable why you feel so overwhelmed these days.

Yesterday, I was listening to a webinar on freedom and creativity. In it, the host talked about all the freedom we have in our lives. And guess what? It was surprisingly freeing!

Sometimes in an effort to manage our illness we get focused on the things we can’t do. But shifting our thoughts to what we’re free to do such as change our attitude and emotions to better ourselves can be freeing. It can return self-control in otherwise uncontrollable situation.

Whether you’re working through anxiety or body image issues, you always have the option of taking back control of what’s limiting you. It’s just a matter of perspective.

I’ve round up our best posts with practical tips and information on how to free yourself. Hope you enjoy them!

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