The best treatment I ever got for an illness came to me when I was a kid. I had a fever and the doctor prescribed frozen ice pops as a way to reduce it. Can you imagine how excited I was to hear it? No more syrupy peach medicine to cry over, bitter chalky tablets or painful needles to prevent disease.

It was the first time I learned that you could take care of yourself and feel blissfully good doing it. You can bet I enjoyed a lot of fruit flavored popsicles over the next few days. It actually made me happy to be sick.

This Saturday I asked our Facebook friends to list their favorite self-care techniques. Reading tips like “sitting under a warm sun” or “having a good cup of tea” was a breath of fresh air. We all have beautiful, different and creative ways to take care of ourselves. The point isn’t what we do, but that we actually engage in the things that uplift us and make us feel good that’s important.

This week in addition to incorporating some self-care tips in your agenda, how about adding a few ways to be more resilient and positive? Or increase your knowledge in preventing ADHD or finally understanding what it is that makes the Twilight series so popular? There’s a lot of good stuff this week so while you’re wading through your kids’ bucket of Halloween swag, here are a few sweet treats  to feed your mind and soul too. Happy Belated Halloween!

Flip Your Script: Use the “Positive” Cognitive Triad to Enhance Resiliency

(Adventures in Positive Psychology) – One way to improve your mental health and take care of yourself is through cultivating positivity and resiliency. This post looks at three ways you can do that by combating negativity in different areas of your life.

The Twilight Saga and The Redemptive Power of Love

(Boomers on the Rise: Aging Well) – If you’ve passed off the Twilight series as another teenybopper movie, you might want to read this. There could be something deeper than romance between good-looking characters brewing. This blogger breaks down the story into surprisingly serious topics such as love, anxiety and death.

Media and ADHD

(Anxiety & OCD Exposed) – ADHD is a growing concern for parents these days especially because it’s difficult to pinpoint the exact cause. Here’s one more risk factor you might want to be cognizant of.

ADHD Brain/Dog Brain/Man Brain

(ADHD Man of DistrAction) – Why one ADHD man says his brain can sometimes mimic that of an excited dog. Curious? It’s a humorous behind-the-scenes depiction of what it’s like for this man to filter and focus in the midst of romance, relationships and ADHD.

Divorced Parents: Parenting Action Plan

(Therapy Soup) – Divorce is difficult for everyone and that includes children. It’s a must-read for parents who need support, guidance and advice on how to help their kids get through it.