“If you pay nervous attention to other people’s opinions, maneuver to obtain their indulgence and to stand high in their esteem, you will be whisked about in their winds and you will lose yourself.” – Jo Loubert

I read that in a book called The Nine Modern Day Muses and a Bodyguard. {It’s a great read for those looking for creative inspiration.} Anyway, it was a reminder that even those who say age or experience thickens the skin, feel a significant sadness when others can’t hold them in their truths.

You may, for example, bounce back if a friend tells you she doesn’t like your outfit, your boyfriend or your job. For that reason, maybe the upcoming holidays doesn’t scare you one bit. Your mother-in-law’s comments on how she doesn’t like the way you’re raising her grandkids are fine by you. You’ve learned other people can have their own opinions, but that doesn’t mean you have to listen to them.

Yet, when you’re down. When something tragic happens, a death, a job loss, an unexpected diagnosis, all you want is for others to understand what you’re going through and be sympathetic for it. Yesterday, our Facebook friends shared the things they wished loved ones said to them when going through a difficult time. If you are in a tough place in your life, read their comments here and imagine what it would feel like if someone said those words to you. I found them to be beautifully healing. I hope you will too.

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