When I was a kid I was fearless, way more courageous than I am now. I used to kill giant bugs with my tiny hands, ride roller coasters with warning signs and say exactly how I felt, regardless if I was the only person who felt that way. Once I even tried to sway an aunt’s decision to vote for a certain president. And I was only 9.

When I got to be an adult, I became terrified of bugs, picky about what I chose to ride (even going as far as watching the rides on YouTube first) and quiet about what I felt strongly about. I sometimes wonder where that wild girl went. And other times I worry if I let adulthood quench that fiery spirit.

That’s one of the reasons why I so admire these bloggers. This week they’re teaching us how to take control of our own lives whether we’re working on improving our body image or having the courage to challenge ourselves. Who knows? It might just bring back that spunky wild child who has the audacity to be exactly the way you’re supposed to be-passionate, honest and true to yourself.

Can Mindfulness Really Rewire the Brain?

(Mindfulness & Psychotherapy) – Being mindful is simply being present in each moment. It’s not rocket science or is it? In this post, you’ll discover some of the amazing benefits mindfulness brings from some of the latest neuroscience research. And for a treat, scroll down to watch a video on being mindful right now.

Autism, Schizophrenia, And Nutrition: Heartbreak & Hope

(Therapy Soup) – Can dietary changes really improve some symptoms of autism, childhood onset schizophrenia and related problems? One mother attempts to get answers in part I of this truly heartbreaking story.

“I Think I Can, I Think I Can” How Self-Efficacy Relates to Performance

(Adventures in Positive Psychology) – Feel bored with your job or your life? Maybe the reason you feel stuck is that you’re limiting yourself by what you think you can’t do. Taking a popular children’s book, Joe shows how powerful our beliefs are over the way we live our lives.

World Mental Health Day: Human Nature and the Power of Our Stories

(Neuroscience & Relationships) – Speaking of stories…Did you know that the stories you tell yourself has the power to shape your life? All the more reason to make sure those stories are happy, healthy and void of toxic, negative thoughts right? In this compelling post, Dr. Athena Staik helps us take back our stories so we can create our own lives.

Body Image Booster: Cultivating Your Spirituality

(Weightless) – In this body obsessed society, we tend to zoom in on our physical flaws and neglect our soul. Stop trying to find your skinny side. This post reminds us about the importance of refocusing our attention and energy to our spiritual side.