I kind of miss the days before cell phones and laptops (so said the girl with two laptops, an iPhone and a Kindle). But ever since beepers were for every man, not just dentists and doctors, I never felt the same sense of peace again.

If you’ve ever had a physical reaction to an email or a voicemail sitting in your phone, you might empathize with my nostalgia. Just another issue that needs addressing or person who needs your attention right?

One memory sticks out for me and I always return to it when I’m feeling really stressed. It was maybe a decade ago and I was sitting in my car stuck in traffic. This was one of those monstrous ones, not even a turtle pace every few minutes. But instead of feeling aggravated or wishing I was somewhere else, I felt an overwhelming sense of peace and gratitude. It was weird. I guess in that moment when no one was moving and we were all just sitting in our cars, I suddenly felt like time stood still and I could actually breathe through the muck and chaos of my life. My eyes watered. I felt grateful to be alive. There was no smart phone to take me out of that moment. I didn’t even have a working radio at the time. Yet, I never again felt that sense of connection with others and the universe. And especially not while being in traffic.

It’s that kind of moment that I hold onto when life gets crazy and what I came back to after reading the posts below. It’s all about finding hope and strength when you’re feeling unsupported or alone. Whether you’re suffering from depression or anxiety, caring for a loved one with an illness or just dealing with the stress of day to day life, I think you’ll appreciate our posts this week.

World Mental Health Day Blog Party, October 10, 2011

(World Mental Health Day) – Yesterday was an exciting day for us here at Psych Central! To increase mental health awareness we invited you to participate in our first World Mental Health Day Blog Party and we were impressed with the response. Click here to see a list of bloggers who contributed, read their blogs and share them with others to keep the party going.

Mental Health Day: Drawing From the Well

(ADHD from A to Zoë) – In the meantime while you’re waiting for treatment to become available, here’s something you can do now to feel better and restore your energy and spirit. Zoë’s helping you to tap into your own inner reserves for faith, hope and a little inspiration.

Mental Health Day: Are You Aware of Awareness?

(Panic About Anxiety) – Summer’s got a bone to pick with those who think awareness is enough. Awareness may be the first step towards reducing stigma, but it’s not everything. Read this and you may be moved toward action. If that’s the case then this post on awareness may have just done what it sets out to do-go beyond acknowledging a problem to start tackling it.

World Mental Health Day: Living A Meaningful Life

(Weightless) – Sometimes when we’re too focused on something (whether it’s your weight, your thighs or the way you look), you begin to lose sight of what’s important. This inspiring post reminds us that being thin won’t solve your problems, digging deep and finding what’s meaningful to you will.

Mental Health Day: Canadian Homelessness and Addictions

(Channel N) – Speaking of what’s important, this video will probably make you react in a few ways. You’ll feel grateful for your own life and upset that he has to live life this way. Listen to one man’s story about how he battles addiction and homelessness in his day to day life.