A dear friend once asked me, “How do you know when you should change or accept yourself?”

Her question was heartbreaking in its honesty and vulnerability. And I struggled with how to answer as if I even knew what the answer was. I attempted to, anyway.

What I said was that you probably needed to love yourself first. I equated the process with building a house. If you don’t start with a strong foundation (your sense of self), then you will be easily swayed by external forces. You will constantly try to change who you are to please who you are with. Love yourself and no matter what superficial changes you make like adding new windows to a house or a fresh new coat of paint, you will still be you, just better. Self-love gives you the option to choose what you want to change for yourself. Not because someone doesn’t like the way you look. Not because a self-help guru tells you how you should live your life. It may not be easy, but I also know that feeling like you’re not good enough, that something about you needs to be changed in order to be loved is not easy either.

This is what I appreciated most about one of our posts this week on self-love and self-esteem courtesy of Lady Gaga. It’s about loving the non-lovable parts of who you are. There’s also a post on using Twitter for mental health professionals and one that discusses the relationship between madness and creativity (does it really exist?). Have a great week!

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